The Super Kids Squad vs Funky Fresh Fernado

One day in a certain city at a certain school in a certain After School Program there was a certain After School Counselor who didn’t do his job. In fact he did the opposite of doing his job. You are probably wondering what he did and you will never believe the horrible wrong he committed; he did not pick up after snack. His name was Funky Fresh Fernado and he was tired of obeying the rules. 

“I don’t need to clean up no mess dogg!” he said in defiance to no one in particular. His students also didn’t pick up their garbage and threw it wherever they wanted. This pleased Funky Fresh Fernado greatly and the more they threw their trash on the ground the louder he laughed maniacally until his boss yelled at him from down the hallway to stop. He still laughed but this time with a quiet mischievous squeaky chuckle like a little mouse.

He then proceeded to take his group out to play soccer where he ended up falling down a few times and he yelled at the ground, “Yo sup ground why you gotta be trippin me like that.” Meanwhile the trash sat, and sat and sat some more. The trash sat for so long that it started to come to life as little trash monster blobs. The dirt and mold and left over food grew and added more dirt and mold to itself and the trash blobs became bigger and bigger. They made their way to the garbage cans where they absorbed the trash and they became so big they could absorb an entire human! Outside Funky Fresh Fernado was still trying to play soccer but his students were running circles around him while he put his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath.

“Slow down yo, dat aint right to be running dat fast,” complained Funky Fresh Fernado. He collapsed on the ground in exhaustion and his kids ran rampant without anyone watching them. It wasn’t long until the soccer ball was kicked over the fence and the football was floating in the swamp. But then the kids saw the huge blobs and began screaming and running. They actually ran right into the parking lot and then into the road because Funky Fresh Fernado told them that traffic safety is lame. Now his students were running into oncoming traffic! Luckily for them though Mr. Mikeyagi’s Super Hero Squad called The Super Kids Squad had arrived. Dashing D with his super speed quickly worked to move the children out of the road and to safety. Happy DJ H floated over the cars and unleashed her radiance. The sun seemed like it had come to life with a golden reddish orange color like a sunset. Happy DJ H lifted her arms and opened her hands to the heavens and rose petals manifested around her which floated in every direction like leaves in a warm summer breeze. Her big rosy cheeks and calming smile gave even more vivacity to the rose petals and made everyone smile. The cars couldn’t help but stop and gaze upon the beauty of the scene giving the team extra time to make sure everyone was safe. Magic Band Man had crafted his rubber bands into a lasso and was pulling kids to safety. Dancing J used her dance moves to avoid cars and pull children out of the way. Lightning Laz used his electric power to short circuit the cars so that they couldn’t run anyone over. You might think that it is a coincidence that The Super Kids arrived in time but it wasn’t. Mr. Mikeyagi luckily had sensed the worker not doing his job, which happened to be a particular talent of his. He had always said that Funky Fresh Fernado was a troublemaker. Mr. Mikeyagi immediately sent the Super Kids Squad to go help and luckily they arrived in time which took a while since they had to ride their bikes.

Meanwhile the blobs had started coming together to form one massive blob. Not far away from them Funky Fresh Fernado was fast asleep. The overpowering stench from the Trash Blob didn’t wake him up because he assumed it was him. The Trash Blob moved to him and started pulling him into it.
“Ooo that feels good like a nice massage,” said Funky Fresh Fernado with his eyes still closed as the Trash Blob poured over him.
The Super Kids Squad had detected the foul odor and decided to investigate. They assumed it was Funky Fresh Fernado and were startled when they saw a massive pile of trash moving towards them that intended to swallow them. Out of the top of it popped Funky Fresh Fernado, sideways trash covered hat and all.
“With the power of the Trash Blob I will consume you all! Then I will go after that beautiful bald man Mr. Mikeyagi and once I defeat him I can rule the world!”
“Funky Fresh Fernado it is time for you to take a time out! Dancing J, dazzle him with your awesome dance moves while I call out the sun!” yelled Happy DJ H. With no hesitation Dancing J jumped out in front of the blob and busted out her crazy dance moves which included getting up on her toes and pointing at the ground and some insanely awesome spins and dragging her feet while walking backwards.

“Whoa, good dance moves,” drooled Funky Fresh Fernado. The sun came out behind Happy DJ H with such intensity that Funky Fresh Fernado had to put both hands in front of his face.
“That’s too bright, that’s not cool dogg!” squinted Funky Fresh Fernado. Meanwhile Magic Band Man had putting together some long bands. His hands moved so fast making them they looked like blurs.
“Here Dashing D!” he yelled. Dashing D took the bands and faster than the eye could see he wrapped them around the blob, tying it up completely. The blob tried to move but the bands were too strong. Lightning Laz finished up by sending a bolt of lightning through the trash heap that traveled up to Funky Fresh Fernado and fried his hat and made his hair stand on end. Funky Fresh Fernado looked confused as his hair smoked but then he got angry.
“You might have defeated the Trash Blob but you have not defeated me!” he yelled while pulling himself out and moving towards the kids.
“Oh no you don’t,” said Power Punch P who had appeared out of nowhere. On her hands were Sockem Boppers, those big inflatable plastic boxing gloves, and she sent a powerful right jab into his chest which sent him flying back into the trash pile and back to sleep but otherwise unharmed. Magic Band Man and Dashing D tied him up for the police.

The Super Kid Squad high fived each other for a job well done and got on their bikes to return home because it was almost dinner time! Another success for the most awesome super hero squad of all time, THE SUPER KIDS SQUAD!!

THE END or is it? Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no

Stay tuned for the next adventures featuring new characters including the one and only GRANDMA DESTROYER!!!

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