The Exciting Adventures Of Mr. Mikeyagi and Destiny The Destroyer

One day Mr. Mikeyagi and Destiny The Destroyer were sitting in meditation in Mr. Mikeyagi’s sanctuary that was on a mountain so tall it pierced the clouds.

Mr. Mikeyagi and Destiny The Destoryer Upon The Mountaintop

“Mr. Mikeyagi, what is the meaning of life?” Destiny asked interrupting the silence.
Mr. Mikeyagi slowly opened up his eyes and relaxed his sitting and responded,
“To make me cookies.”
“UGH! Can’t you ever be serious?” Destiny angrily retorted.
“No,” said Mr. Mikeyagi “Seriousness leads to the dark side. A life devoid of laughter and joy is no life at all. There is plenty of time to be serious but never enough time to play and be merry.” He looked at her and smiled and she responded by crossing her arms and giving him an angry pout. Mr. Mikeyagi smiled and closed his eyes and resumed his meditation where he was thinking about pink bunnies hopping through a magical forest filled with rainbows and butterflies and happy sunshine. Destiny eventually calmed down and closed her eyes and resumed her meditation as well, thinking about Animal Jam and Mr. Mikeyagi’s big nose and wondering really how much snot it could hold. Was it just a cup or maybe even an entire bucket? Could it cause an avalanche? If he sneezes will the mountain break in half? It is a pretty big schnoz she figured and shrugged her shoulders. Mr. Mikeyagi heard her give out a chuckle and he slightly opened his eyes to see her with a huge goofy grin across her face. He wondered what she was thinking about. ‘What do little girls even think about?’ he pondered. He realized that he probably didn’t want to know since it was probably stuff like unicorns and boys and nail polish and Hannah Montana. He closed his eyes again and went back to meditating.

Little did they know that there was an enemy coming to attack! Former students of Mr. Mikeyagi had banded together and waited many years to become adults to get their revenge on him for terrorizing them in their youth. He had teased them relentlessly pretending to give them high fives and then pulling away his hand and making them miss and laughing maniacally when they couldn’t get his hand. Also he would sometimes tap them on the shoulder but actually be on the other side so they would turn and look and no one would be there! Another favorite of his was sometimes a student would come up to him and lightly tap him or put their hands on his arm and he would yell ‘OW!’ like he was in serious pain and say that he was telling. The disgruntled and traumatized former students planned to make sure he never made anyone miss a high five again!

They were lead by the infamous Kung Fu Kai who had actually been banned from Mr. Mikeyagi’s class because she was too violent and would often times hurt Mr. Mikeyagi and also break random objects because of her intense anger issues. Mr. Mikeyagi would try to tell her to relax but she was just too out of control so he told her she would have to stay up front in the office and not be allowed back to class. This angered Kai even more and she vowed revenge. With her was her sidekicks The Grumpy Dwarf and Jumpin Jade.

As Kung Fu Kai and her ninjas approached the mountain top Mr. Mikeyagi’s eyes shot open.
“Do you sense that?” he asked.
“Mr. Mikeyagi you didn’t have another accident did you,” asked Destiny.
“No no not that, concentrate,” Mr. Mikeyagi replied. Destiny shut her eyes again and she could actually feel the invaders as they climbed the mountain. She couldn’t tell how many it was but it seemed like over twenty!
“Wow Mr. Mikeyagi you really made a lot of kids mad at you during your time,” Destiny said.
“My bad,” Mr. Mikeyagi replied and made a big goofy smile so wide that his eyes squinted.
“I HAVE FOUND YOU,” a voice yelled. Mr. Mikeyagi and Destiny turned to see Kung Fu Kai glaring at them with her crew at her side. Mr. Mikeyagi turned to Destiny and spoke.
“Don’t hurt them Destiny, they are just misguided,” he said.
“REALLY!!?? UGH! You never let me have any fun!” she groaned while stomping her foot.
“Hey be gentle with my mountain! Do you need a break?” Mr. Mikeyagi replied.
As he said this Kung Fu Kai yelled, “CHARGE!!!”. The first to get there was Jumping Jada as she took a mighty leap right at Mr. Mikeyagi. Mr. Mikeyagi skillfully stepped to the side as she flew by.
“Oh I know you didn’t just dodge my jump, I don’t play!” said Jumpin Jade as she wagged her finger and her head as she flew by. The Grumpy Dwarf was really unhappy by that and went into full charge. She was in such an intense grump mode that she had smoke coming out of her ears and her eyes were bloodshot.
“I don’t want to be no dwarf!” she screamed as she charged towards Mr. Mikeyagi and it seemed to make her be even grumpier. Mr. Mikeyagi again stepped to the side and put out his foot and The Grumpy Dwarf went flying over his foot and landed in a pile of mud. She made a loud yell that shook the entire mountain.
Destiny The Destroyer who wasn’t known for her patience launched herself into battle. Even though they were vastly outnumbered she wasn’t afraid mostly because she’s crazy. She teleported from bad guy to bad guy using Mikefu to lift them up by their legs and then set them down nicely, instantly moving to the next one.
Kung Fu Kai stepped in and said “Hey that’s not nice!” and it caught Destiny The Destroyer off guard because who says that? And the bad guys got a hold of her arms and wouldn’t let go.
“Mr. Mikeyagi help me!” Destiny The Destroyer yelled.
“Eh, I’m good,” he replied. About twenty ninjas formed a circle around Mr. Mikeyagi. As the circle formed Kung Fu Kai laughed maniacally.
“We got you now Mr. Mikeyagi, now my revenge will be complete!”, she yelled with her hands together and fingers dancing against each other rapidly in some kind of bizarre finger frenzy. Mr. Mikeyagi didn’t seem impressed though.
“Oh brother. You all move slower than a dead snail. The Pre-K kids move faster than you,” he said. This angered them greatly and they tried to get Mr. Mikeyagi but he’d simply step out of the way right as they thought they were about to get him. This upset Kung Fu Kai who yelled at her crew.
“What do you think you’re doing, get him!” she screamed. As much as they tried he was just too quick. But then all of a sudden he went flying on his back. The Grumpy Dwarf had run into the back of his legs and she was so short he hadn’t seen her coming. While on his back he looked up to the heavens and cupped his hands over his mouth.
“LEONNNNN!!!!!!!!” he yelled in a booming voice. The ninjas started to look around as they heard a jolly but booming “HEH HEH HEH” that was so loud the entire mountain was shaking. All of a sudden straight from the clouds came a large man with a big belly and a huge grin across his face. He landed right in front of Mr. Mikeyagi, making a huge crater in the ground.
“I is here. Hey Mr. Mikeyagi!” the man said with a beaming smile directed at Mr. Mikeyagi
“Wait what? Oh nevermind. Laughing Leon they are fixin to hurt ol’ Mr. Mikeyagi!” said Mr. Mikeyagi.
“Oh no they didn’t, HEH HEH HEH” said Laughing Leon, who let out a big earth moving chuckle again after speaking. The ninjas went to attack him but he used his big belly to bounce them back and send them flying.
“Hey that tickles!” he said while laughing some more and growing an even bigger smile.. He kept sending them flying and the more he sent them flying the jollier he became.
“Mr. Mikeyagi you taking me to the buffet after all this? I’m hungry!” asked Laughing Leon.
“Did you forget you ran them all out of business?” Mr. Mikeyagi replied.
“Oh yeah, heh heh” Laughing Leon said while giggling. Meanwhile Destiny The Destroyer used the distraction to escape and she was teleporting around the battlefield sending the ninjas on their bottoms. Mr. Mikeyagi noticed the angry expression on her face and was very glad that she was on his side because it looked like her eyes might start a fire.
The bad guys were no match for Laughing Leon and Destiny The Destroyer and quickly became too tired to do any more than lay down and snore. Only Kung Fu Kai remained standing.
“Hi Kai, HEH HEH HEH,” laughed Laughing Leon.
Kung Fu Kai realized she was no match for the jolliness of Laughing Leon and the burning glare/pout of Destiny The Destroyer so she wagged her fingers at everyone a few times and then ran away. Laughing Leon then started running to Mr. Mikeyagi with his arms open.
“I missed you Mr. Mikeyagi!” said Laughing Leon.
“Hey, Mr. Mikeyagi is mine to hang on!” said Destiny the Destroyer who teleported right next to Laughing Leon and they both started hanging on Mr. Mikeyagi.
“I can’t breath.. “ said Mr. Mikeyagi as he was being squeezed to death by both of them who were now giggling furiously. When they finally let go Mr. Mikeyagi fell on the ground exhausted from the squeeze attack and Laughing Leon and Destiny The Destroyer turned to each other with big smiles on their faces and gave each other a big double high five!

THE END, or is it?

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