A Most Awesome Story For Shellcakes

Once upon a time there was this really awesome girl named Shellcakes. She was so awesome because she was nice to everyone and she liked to make them happy! One day an After School Teacher named Mr. Mike helped out in her class. Mr. Mike was a little crazy and Shellcakes didn’t exactly understand him but he was nice so she let him help with her Halloween project. She was creating a spider and putting glitter on it and asked for his help which he was happy to do while having a big goofy grin on his face. After he had finished helping, Shellcakes put both of their names on it and two adorable hearts. That made Mr. Mike super happy and he told her thank you and that it made him feel special! It made Shellcakes happy that Mr. Mike was happy and it made everyone else that saw their big smiles happy too!

One day Shellcakes was playing on the playground while Mr. Mike was outside picking up trash with his claw device that he liked to use to scare children. While she was playing she hurt her elbow so her teacher asked Mr. Mike if he would be willing to take her in for some ice.

“Absolutely!” he said. He was excited at the chance to repay the favor of Shellcakes making him feel special before. The whole trip inside and back out Mr. Mike was making jokes and being a big goofball. Shellcakes didn’t think he was very funny but she forgot all about how much her elbow hurt and went back to playing and having a great day! Mr. Mike saw that she wasn’t sad anymore and was having fun and it made him happy too!

A few weeks later in class Shellcakes had to write a story. She decided to include Mr. Mike in her story because she knew it would make him super happy. She wrote a story about a ghost attacking her and her friend but then she called ‘Mikester’ who happened to be a Police Officer to come protect them. ‘Mikester’ saved the day and put the ghost in ghost jail. When she saw Mr. Mike at lunch she told him she had a story for him and that he was in it. She handed it to him and saw his face light up with happiness.

“Thank you so much Shellcakes! Now I’ll have to write you a story!” he said. He was so excited that she thought he might explode. It made her happy to know that she had made him so happy.

“Shellcakes listen to me I want to tell you an important lesson I learned,” he said, “Did you know that even simply waving to someone can brighten a lot of people’s days? Think about it, a simple wave can really make someone happy. And then they go home to their family and their happiness makes their family happy. Do you see? So now since you’ve made me happy all of my After Schoolers will be happy and they will go home to their families and make them happy. That is why being nice is so important instead of being mean, because each of us affects the world a lot more than we realize.”

“Wow Mr. Mike you said a lot, couldn’t you have just written me a story about monsters or ghosts or something?” said Shellcakes.

“Yes,” said Mr. Mike and he pulled off his face which happened to be a mask. His skin was green and his head was covered with a hundred googly eyes. His mouth was actually at the top of his head which explained why he had the bald head because he didn’t want to get hair in his mouth. He pulled a remote control out of his pocket and hit a button and a spaceship crashed through the roof. He got inside and took off in the spaceship and flew away.

“You know, that explains so much,” said Shellcakes while rubbing her chin.

THE END, or is it?

Because what if the spaceship comes back? What if the alien face was actually a mask too? What if Meow Mix wasn’t actually a mix? What if all the kids actually did their homework and Mr. Mike didn’t have anyone for lunch detention? What if Mr. Mike went on forever asking these questions and never stopped?

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